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Marketing and shipping of live aquatic animals is an expanding industry.
Information on strategies for marketing and shipping is needed by growers,
harvesters, processors, and shippers. Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatic
Products, NRAES 107, is the proceedings of an October 1996 conference that
addresses these needs.

The 288-page proceedings includes forty-nine papers that discuss animal
welfare, environmental issues, shellfish, finfish, ornamentals, holding and
transport, and marketing and regulatory issues. Information in this
proceedings will help improve harvesting, handling, packaging, and shipping
technology; identify new business opportunities; provide broader selections
for consumers; develop humane handling strategies; and ensure food safety.
Specific information is provided on shrimp, abalone, clams, crabs,
lobsters, oysters, mollusks, finfish, sole, ornamentals, exotics, and other species.

The proceedings was edited by the Brian Paust, Alaska Marine Advisory
Program and John Peters, Nor' Westerly Food Technology Services, to create
a cohesive and consistent proceedings while preserving each author's
intent. It includes over fifty quality illustrations and photos. The
authors include industry leaders, equipment suppliers, shippers,
regulators, and university professors. They represent more than ten
countries, twelve states, and three provinces.

The conference was sponsored by Alaska Marine Advisory Services; Aqua Logic,
Inc.; Envirotainer; Nor' Westerly Food Technology Services; Novalek, Inc.;
and Tech-Pak, Inc.

Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatic Products, NRAES 107, is available for
$65 per copy plus shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling charges are $7 for a single copy within the continental
United States. Contact NRAES for shipping rates if ordering more than one
copy or if ordering from outside the U.S. Orders from outside the United
States must be pre-paid in U. S. funds. Major credit cards are accepted. Checks
should be made payable to NRAES.

To order this publication, for more information or a free catalog, contact:
NRAES, Cooperative Extension
152 Riley-Robb Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-5701 USA
Telephone 607-255-7654
Fax 607-254-8770

Edited by Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Ph.D. and James E. Rakocy, Ph.D

Published by The World Aquaculture Society & The American Tilapia
Association ISBN #1-88807-01-6 Soft cover, 258 pp. (many illustrations,
figures, graphs & tables)

Tilapia aquaculture is growing quickly in many nations of the Americas due
to increased market acceptance by domestic consumers and lucrative export
markets. Commercial tilapia farms and polyculture of tilapia with shrimp
are developing rapidly in Central and South America to meet a growing
demand for tilapia in the United States, where imports have skyrocketed.
The US imported an estimated 62 million pounds of tilapia in 1996. This
book reviews the rapid development of tilapia markets and economics in the
Americas. Included are state-of-the art reviews of research and development
of the tilapias in various systems: in seawater and brackishwaters, in
integrated hydroponics and in intensive recirculating units. Important
chapters on the regulatory environment for tilapias in the Americas, a
comprehensive review of tilapia diseases, and a detailed review on feeds
and tilapia nutrition are included. The geographic spread of chapters is as
diverse as tilapia aquaculture itself. There are contributions on research
that led to the rapidly developing tilapia industry in Honduras, tilapias
in different systems in the Caribbean, intensive culture in the United
States, and information on the status of wild and cultured tilapia stocks
in California.

Payment Policy:  Pre-payment is required for all orders; all sales final.

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Checks and money orders to be made payable to the WORLD AQUACULTURE
SOCIETY.  Funds must be in US dollars drawn on a US Bank. VISA, MASTERCARD
or AMERICAN EXPRESS bank cards are accepted and encouraged.

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Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA  70803 (USA)
Phone:  +1 (504) 388-3137
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